Turner, Tej: The Janus Cycle (2015)

Review of The Janus Cycle on Humanitysdarkerside.


The Janus Cycle by Tej Turner Cover art: Alison Buck

A common theme in all of these short stories seems to be bullying of one sort or another. Needing to dominate others is part of our human history. Countries bully other countries into subservience and oblivion. Two countries are well-known for their tendencies to bully militarily weaker countries while decrying other nations when these do the same. Tej Turner shows us the one-on-one form of bullying and the mob-on-one kind of bullying in his semi-short stories.

All of these short stories are more or less stand alone stories. They are all tied together by Frelia. Frelia has an interesting power that could cause her death if the ones who “rule” it find out about her having that power. But bullies have been part of Frelia’s past and she will not be forced into obedience just because some mysterious stranger tells her she has to. That decision…

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Here is my interview with Tej Turner


Name: Tej Turner

 Age: 30

Where are you from:

Now that is a question… I don’t really have a place I am ‘from’. I was born in Wolverhampton but my family moved away from there when I was a baby and I have no connection to the place. I have since lived in Sussex, Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Torquay, Carmarthen, and a couple of other areas. I have spent a bit of time travelling around Asia, too.

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc  

I studied Creative Writing at Trinity St Davids in Carmarthen – at both bachelor and masters levels – and when I finished I moved to Cardiff, where I still reside now. I am currently single and living in a shared house.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

I have a new short story coming out soon in an anthology called Existence…

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