Tej is travelling again!

Bag is packed. Passport ready. Flight booked. One way ticket to…


South America!

Yes. I am going travelling again! Which means I am going to be blogging again. And there will also be lots of pictures too.


The Plan

I am leaving on the 5th of June and my first destination is Ecuador.


For the first few weeks I will be exploring the Andean Highlands around Quito just before I fly off to the Galapagos Islands. After returning to the mainland I will begin my five weeks of volunteering at Merazonia, a lovely wildlife rehabilitation centre in the Amazon. (If you would like to see more about what they do, click on this link to watch a video!)

From there, I intend on heading south towards Peru. But I will be making plenty of stops along the way. Some of my intended destinations include:


El Cajas National Park




A four-day boat journey along the Marañón river, as I head deeper into the Amazon, towards Iquitos.


Of course, you can’t go to Peru without going to Cuzco, Machu Picchu, or seeing the ancient geoglyphs around Nazca, but I intend upon visiting some of the less-frequented places too, such as the Cordillera Blanca.


And I am also hoping to have time to explore some of the remote villages in the Colca Canyon area near Arequipa.


After Peru, I will likely head into Bolivia via Lake Titicaca. From that point I will be able to travel at a more relaxed pace and see where the wind takes me, as I will no longer need to book excursions in advance. But I do ultimately intend upon heading on down to Chile via the great Bolivian salt flats, Salar de Uyuni.


And then towards Patagonia.


I have also upgraded!

I am much more kitted out for this trip than any of my ones previously. I have invested in a tent, sleeping bag, camping stove, water filtration system, and a few other gadgets. In some ways it will be a burden, as I will be carrying a heavier load, but ultimately it will give me more independence, save me money, and open up more options. There is always a trusty hostel you can leave the majority of your gear while you venture off exploring with a lighter load and, during these times, I hope to go off-grid, wander, and show you paths less trodden.

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Dinnusos Rises Released as a Paperback

Dinnusos Rises has now been launched as a paperback, and can be ordered on Amazon in the UK and US, and also worldwide through the Elsewhen Press Purchasing Portal.

Set in the same urban landscape as my debut novel The Janus Cycle, and featuring some of the same characters along with new voices, Dinnusos Rises has been described as a ‘contemporary fantasy novel that is in equal parts speculative fiction, literary fiction and surrealism‘ by online magazine RisingShadow, in a review which heralded it as ‘one of the most fascinating novels of the year‘.

Dinnusos Rises


The vibe has soured somewhat after a violent clash in the Janus nightclub a few months ago, and since then Neal has opened a new establishment called ‘Dinnusos’.

Located on a derelict and forgotten side of town, it is not the sort of place you stumble upon by accident, but over time it enchants people, and soon becomes a nucleus for urban bohemians and a refuge for the city’s lost souls. Rumour has it that it was once a grand hotel, many years ago, but no one is quite sure. Whilst mingling in the bar downstairs you might find yourself in the company of poets, dreamers, outsiders, and all manner of misfits and rebels. And if you’re daring enough to explore its ghostly halls, there’s a whole labyrinth of rooms on the upper floors to get lost in…

Now it seems that not just Neal’s clientele, but the entire population of the city, begin to go crazy when beings, once thought mythological, enter the mortal realm to stir chaos as they sow the seeds of militancy.

Eight characters. Most of them friends, some of them strangers. Each with their own story to tell. All of them destined to cross paths in a surreal sequence of events which will change them forever.

Turner, Tej; Dinnusos Rises (2017)

First Review for Dinnusos Rises is up, and Lise from HumanitysDarkerSide has given it her ‘whole-hearted recommendation.”


I recommend reading The Janus Cycle before you continue with Dinnusos Rises. Dinnusos continues some of the stories from it. Toward the end of The Janus Cycle, we read:

“… Janus was once this great place where nobody gave a fuck and you could just have fun, but then some bloody kids who don’t have a clue tried to steal your vibe.”…

“You just need to move on, he declared. “Look around you – this, what we have here tonight – isn’t it that feeling, that craziness you were looking for? You are Janus. Let those kids keep the empty shell. You can make a new one!” (The Janus Cycle, p. 217)

That place is, Dinnusos.

“… Victorian, with high ceilings and sash windows. It’s big, too. … If the main bar ever gets too rowdy and you fancy some quiet, there’s a whole labyrinth of rooms…

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