The Janus Cycle

9781908168467The Janus Cycle can best be described as gritty, sexy, surreal, urban fantasy.

Janus is a nightclub. But it’s not merely a location, it’s virtually a character in its own right. On the surface it appears to be a subcultural hub where the strange and disillusioned, who feel alienated and oppressed by society, can escape to be free from convention. Underneath that façade is a surreal space in time where the very foundations of reality can be twisted and distorted. But the special, unique, vibe of Janus is hijacked by a bandwagon of people who choose to conform to alternative lifestyles simply because it has become fashionable to be ‘different’ and this causes many of its original occupants to feel lost and disenchanted.

The story unfolds through the eyes of eight narrators, each with their own perspective and on their own personal journey. A story in which the nightclub itself goes on a journey. But throughout, one strange girl briefly appears and reappears, warning the narrators that their individual journeys are going to collide in a cataclysmic event. Is she just another one of the nightclub’s denizens, a cynical mischief-maker out to create havoc, or a time-traveller trying to prevent an impending disaster?

The Janus Cycle is available in the following formats:

eBook: Amazon Kindle (UK, US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, India, Italy, NetherlandsJapan, Mexico), Kobo, Apple iBook, and Google Play.

Paperback: Amazon Marketplace (UK, US, and Canada) and worldwide through the Elsewhen Press Purchasing Portal.


Dinnusos Rises

d-frontSet in the same urban landscape as The Janus Cycle and featuring many of the same characters (along with some new voices) Dinnusos Rises is a both a sequel and a book which is a readable as a stand alone. It has been described as a ‘contemporary fantasy novel that is in equal parts speculative fiction, literary fiction and surrealism‘ by online magazine RisingShadow, in a review which heralded it as ‘one of the most fascinating novels of the year‘.

The vibe has soured somewhat after a violent clash in the Janus nightclub a few months ago, and since then Neal has opened a new establishment called ‘Dinnusos’.

Located on a derelict and forgotten side of town, it is not the sort of place you stumble upon by accident, but over time it enchants people, and soon becomes a nucleus for urban bohemians and a refuge for the city’s lost souls. Rumour has it that it was once a grand hotel, many years ago, but no one is quite sure. Whilst mingling in the bar downstairs you might find yourself in the company of poets, dreamers, outsiders, and all manner of misfits and rebels. And if you’re daring enough to explore its ghostly halls, there’s a whole labyrinth of rooms on the upper floors to get lost in…

Now it seems that not just Neal’s clientele, but the entire population of the city, begin to go crazy when beings, once thought mythological, enter the mortal realm to stir chaos as they sow the seeds of militancy.

Eight characters. Most of them friends, some of them strangers. Each with their own story to tell. All of them destined to cross paths in a surreal sequence of events which will change them forever.

Dinnusos Rises is available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle (UK, US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, India, Italy, NetherlandsJapan, Mexico), Kobo, Apple iBook, and GooglePlay.

Paperback: Amazon Marketplace (UK & US) and worldwide through the Elsewhen Press Purchasing Portal.


Short Stories

Impossible Spaces

impossible-spaces-cover-kindleSometimes the rules can change. Sometimes things aren’t how they appear. Sometimes you can just slip through the cracks and end up… somewhere else. What else is there? Is there somewhere else, right beside you, if you could only reach out and touch it? Or is it waiting to reach out and touch you?

Don’t trust what you see. Don’t trust what you hear. Don’t trust what you remember. It isn’t what you think.

A new collection of twenty-one dark, unsettling and weird short stories that explore the spaces at the edge of possibility.

Authors include: Ramsey Campbell, Simon Bestwick, Hannah Kate, Jeanette Greaves, Richard Freeman, Almira Holmes, Arpa Mukhopadhyay, Chris Galvin Nguyen, Christos Callow Jr., Daisy Black, Douglas Thompson, Jessica George, Keris McDonald, Laura Brown, Maree Kimberley, Margrét Helgadóttir, Nancy Schumann, Rachel Yelding, Steven K. Beattie, Tej Turner, and Tracy Fahey.

Available: Hic Dragones, Amazon UK, Amazon US, Kindle UK, Kindle US, Nook UK, Nook US, Smashwords, Kobo, Apple.


The Bestiarum Vocabulum

bestiarum-vocabulum-front-cover-800x1200A catalog of mythic beasts and demons that were summoned by esoteric means. Once owned by Count Allesandro Di Cagliostro, it was thought forever lost in a fire at the Chateau de Versailles. Two hundred years later, twenty-six modern day masters of the macabre bring The Bestiarum Vocabulum back from the ashes.

The Bestiarum Vocabulum is the second installment of Dean M Drinkel’s Tres Librorum Prohibitorum series.

Authors include: Emile-Louis Tomas Jouvet, Jan Edwards, Martin Roberts, Lisa Jenkins, Peter Mark May, Raven Dane, Joe Mynhardt, Rakie Keig, D.T. Griffith, Mark West, John Palisano, Amelia Mangan, Robert Walker, Christine Dougherty, Tim Dry, Nerine Dorman, Dean M. Drinkel, Christine Morgan, Tej Turner, D.M. Youngquist, Jason D. Brawn, Lily Childs, Andy Taylor, Sandra Norval, Adrian Chamberlin, and Barbie Wilde.

Available: Amazon UK, Amazon US, Kindle UK, Kindle US.


The Grimorium Verum

10444442_10203863182873654_6019641243044266284_nThe Grimorium Verum is a collection of 26 short stories in the dark fiction and horror genres, edited and compiled by Dean M. Drinkel. The original Grimorium Verum, or ‘The Grimoire of Truth, was an 18th century textbook of magic attributed to Alibeck the Egyptian and coveted by ‘The Great Beast’ Aleister Crowley for use in his Magick ceremonies. Taking this inspiration, twenty-six dark fiction authors from around the world each take a letter and use their unique voices to weave magical stories of horror and the fantastic.

The Grimorium Verum is the third instalment to Dean M Drinkel’s Tres Librorum Prohibitorum series.

Authors include: Christopher Beck, Adrian Chamberlin, Mike Chinn, Lily Childs, Anthony Cowin, Raven Dane, Chris Dougherty, Tim Dry, Jan Edwards, John Gilbert, D.T. Griffith, Amberle L. Husbands, Lisa Jenkins, Emile-Louis Tomas Jouvet, Amelia Mangan, Tracie McBride, Justin Miles, Christine Morgan, Martin Roberts, Dan Russell, Sylvia Shults, Phil Sloman, Andrew Taylor, Tej Turner, Mark West, and Barbie Wilde.

Available: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Kindle US, Kindle UK.


Existence is Elsewhen

9781908168856-188x300Twenty stories from twenty great writers.

The title, Existence is Elsewhen, paraphrases the last sentence of André Breton’s 1924 Manifesto of Surrealism, perfectly summing up the intent behind this anthology of stories from a wonderful collection of authors.

Authors include: J A Christy, Peter R Ellis, John Gribbin, Steve Harrison, Edwin Hayward, Rhys Hughs, Stefan Jackson, Andy McKell, Siobhan McVeigh, Robin Moran, Ira Nayman, Christopher Nuttal, Susan Oke, Sanem Ozdural, Tanya Reimer, Chloe Skye, Douglas Thompson, Tej Turner, Dave Weaver and Peter Wolfe.

eBook: Amazon Kindle (UK, US, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Holland), Kobo, Nook, Apple iBook, and Google Play.

Paperback: Amazon Marketplace (UK, US, and Canada) and worldwide through the Elsewhen Press Purchasing Portal.

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