Cover reveal for The Janus Cycle

Elsewhen Press have revealed the cover art for Tej Turner’s debut novel, The Janus Cycle.

9781908168467“Tej describes The Janus Cycle as “gritty, surreal, urban fantasy”. The over-arching story revolves around a nightclub called Janus, which is not merely a location but virtually a character in its own right. During the events that unfold in the book, we are told that Janus has a ‘shiny new sign above the door’ on walls that had been painted. This was the starting point for designer Alison. Creating an image like those that would have been used to represent the god Janus in Roman times, but making it out of neon lights fixed to a painted brick wall, was an ideal way to produce the sort of sign that nightclubs favour. Adding the book’s title and Tej’s name in the same style of neon lights was the finishing touch that makes the cover not only perfect for the book but also eye-catching.”

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Tej Turner signs to Elsewhen Press for debut novel “The Janus Cycle”

Tej Turner signs to Elsewhen Press for debut novel “The Janus Cycle”


Elsewhen Press, an independent UK publisher specialising in Speculative Fiction, have signed a deal with author Tej Turner to publish his first novel The Janus Cycle.

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